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Ep. 63: How Do You Know When You Know (Spring Training)?

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover vocabulary differences, recap the WBC so far and look forward, discuss when Spring Training happenings start to matter, talk about minor league labor issues, discuss life in the Dominican Republican for players of Haitian descent, and Paul slays a quiz.

Ep. 62: Going Back to San Diego WBC Style

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover how much they love the WBC, argue for a different tournament start time, cajole the USA into sending their best players, and talk about the Nats catcher situation, Joe Ross and his woes, and other Spring Training issues.

Ep. 61: Ballin on a Budget

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover Mike Rizzo shops in the bargain bin, discuss the Nats’ pitching staff, potential closer, and catcher log jam, find out Leslie likes Manfred’s new initiative, and hear Paul go off on the NCAA as they attack his alma mater.

Ep. 60: The Outfield, The Bench, and the Ring Finger to Bind Us

In this episode, Paul and Leslie discover how to feel sick before the season even begins, discuss the Nats new outfield lineup, dive into a suddenly new bench arrangement, and Paul briefly lets Leslie off her political leash. Plus–quiz and a contest!

Ep. 59: We Found The Horse, and Got Back On It

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover baseball has another big loss, delve into the Nats roster holes, find out they may have fixed their bench, dive deep into their infield construction, and talk about a new alternative to Tommy John surgery.

Ep. 38: Gross Overreactions to Opening Week

In this episode we discover what happens when Paul records on Leslie’s schedule, recap the Nats first three games, talk Strasburg, dive deep into Paul’s gross overreactions, and hear Leslie’s first Bitch of the Week.

Ep. 37: The Humanity of Spring Training, or, Leslie channels her inner Dre

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie’s burning rage for female message board stalkers, the Nats Spring Training gets a recap, Adam LaRoche retires, and Bryce Harper tries to remake the rules of baseball.

Ep. 35: Unlike the Nats’ targets, we won’t leave you standing at the alter…

In this episode, Paul discovers Leslie fancies herself a storyteller, Nats offseason acquisitions are investigated, Nats offseason misses are brought to light, bullpen and bench options discussed, and Leslie’s Quiz returns!

Ep. 32: The Off Season kicks off and Paul crushes on Bryce Harper…hard.

in this episode Paul and Leslie delve into the off season, discuss the curious trades of Simmons and Kimbrel, look at the top available free agents, explore the Nats coaching staff, and inaugurate the first annual Bryce Harper LoveFest.

Special stats (and show music) provided by @theaceofspaeder.

Ep. 7: Paul tries to strike out on his own, and the dog doesn’t like it…

Here’s Ep. 7 for your listening pleasure!


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