This has been a long time coming…


I don’t have a specific date for the mental genesis of this project, but for quite some time I’ve been wanting to start putting all the thoughts, mostly baseball related, that have been crowded inside my cranium down somewhere.  As one of those types that routinely can be caught talking to the television or becoming my own color commentator, I thought for a while that I should provide myself some sort of outlet to see if all the ramblings that have been confined to my living room should see the light of day.


I also have developed a strong penchant for podcasts, and after recently dipping my toe into that deceptively deep water, my wife and I decided the only way to prevent the apocalypse was for us to start producing our own podcast.  You’re welcome.


That wasn’t enough though, not by a long shot. So I made up my mind that I’m also going to be producing some written commentary on the baseball landscape to accompany our podcasting efforts…and this will be where it lands.


Hopefully episodes will be starting by the end of the month.  Hopefully I’ll figure out how to make this website look a little more dynamic by then.  Hopefully, for all of you, we haven’t started the essential project too late.


Welcome….<cue expansive music> to Ground Rule Trouble.