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Ep. 78: On To The Next One: Dusty Gone, World Series Begins

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the Nationals think they can do better than Dusty Baker, Uncle Ray still has some fight left in him, and a World Series preview is laid out.

Ep. 76: Let’s Get This Playoff Party Started

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover Alejandro de Aza is one of Paul’s triggers, preview the Nats’ playoff outlook, make first round playoff picks, hear Paul’s Robles rant, and talk about NCAA coaches behaving quite badly.

Ep. 75: Nats Clinchmas and Donkey Basketball

In this episode, Paul and Leslie discover the Nats are the first entry into the postseason, cover possible playoff roster configurations, discuss Daniel Murphy’s slump, talk about the Marlins new ownership plans and options, learn about a baseball cult, and hear about Leslie’s bizarre former life as a donkey basketball player. Unfortunately the last part is not a joke.

Ep. 73: We Emerge from the Dog Days Country Strong

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover they still know how to record a show, discuss Joe West and his newest issue, talk about the Nat’s new bullpen, injury updates, Paul’s new article about Bryce Harper forgetting how to walk, bad behavior in other sports, and Paul stumbles through a new quiz.

Ep. 71: The Slippery Slope of Sliding

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover maybe they (or MLB?) don’t really understand the sliding rule, Joe Maddon shows he’s not as progressive as we all thought he was, the Nats starters might be showing wear and tear, a look into Bryce Harper, and a rapid fire quiz.

Ep. 70: #Prospectpalooza & #Draftinomicon w/ Ryan Sullivan

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover they’re not qualified to talk prospects or the draft–so they call in an expert! Ryan Sullivan of The Nats GM Show returns and drops a ton of Nationals and other teams prospect info and also talks the draft, Joe Ross, and how to scout 9 year olds.

Ep. 69: Joe Ross Is Still In The Danger Zone

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover Joe Ross’ great return may just be smoke and mirrors and talk about making him a reliever, Koda is the closer, find out slower games make for harder fastballs, dive deep into MiLB names, have a killer quiz type thing, and lose it over Top Gun and Major League 3. Mostly just Top Gun though.

Ep. 68: ARod Gives Us Some Notes For….Something

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover ARod has interesting show prep notes, discuss Trea Turner’s recent struggles, talk more Nats bullpen and Fedde’s new role, learn about the history of Japanese baseball, review player retirement strategies, and decide if crazy ballpark food is good ballpark food.

Ep. 67: Our NSFW Mets Rollercoaster

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover Paul’s articles can provide show content. Eaton is hurt, Ross is demoted, fixes are discussed, Zim stays hot, the Nats bullpen stays awful, the Mets are a mess, Boston says the wrong thing, and the Quiz of Death finally dies.

Ep. 66: On Your Own Time (Sort This Out)

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the Nats new back of the bullpen, find out what’s kosher to do in your off time, dive once again into a Manny Machado bean ball war, find out who might be the new owners of the Marlins, realize Addison Russell doesn’t understand Pokemon, and continue the Quiz of Death.

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