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Ep. 21: Paul tries to do the show naked, and Leslie throws him out like Puig’s luggage

In this episode Paul tries to do a GRT Body Issue, Leslie stabs Colin Cowherd’s voodoo doll, the Dodgers (Puig, Greinke) are discussed, the Nats trade moves and slumping players get a run, and Paul craters on a quiz.

Ep. 20: A Rose by any other name is just as cheat

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie’s seething hatred of Pete Rose, the HR Derby and ASG are discussed, we discovering how player legacies differ from sport to sport, and a disucssion of the Nats first half–and what their options going forward are now. Also, Paul does another quiz.

Ep. 19: Early Exits, or, Leslie hates what you call your favorite player

In this episode we discuss Jerry Dipoto’s departure, deferred compensation, the Nats’ state, and how mcuh Leslie hates modern baseball nicknames. Also, Saturn Nuts. You’ll get it later, we promise.

Ep. 18: Hackers, ASG, and Paul and Leslie almost die in a storm

In this episode, Paul and Leslie discuss the Cardinals’ legal trouble, ideas for how to fix the ASG, the Nationals resurgence/manic phase, and hold each other as the storm brings their house down around them.

Ep. 17: ESPN’s Mark Simon interviewed, also Max Scherzer lost a perfect game to a guy you haven’t heard of before

In this episode Paul and Leslie have an interview with ESPN’s Mark Simon, Max Scherzer loses a perfect game to a camoflauged elbow guard (or Jose Tabata), and A-Rod’s 3000th hit, steroids, and a can full of worms about the Hall of Fame is opened.

Ep. 16: Trea Turner Day, or please don’t kill us Robot Ump Overlords

In this episode, Paul and Leslie discover Trea Turner in the present in the box, discuss Max Scherzer throwing down, try to figure out what Danny Espinosa can’t do, play a brand new trivia game, and try not to let the Robot Ump Overlords kill us all. You’re welcome.

Ep. 15: NatsGM’s Ryan Sullivan Fills your cup with draft knowledge

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover they CAN have a guest! It’s’s Ryan Sullivan and he absolutely explodes with a crazy amount of draft knowledge. It’s your primer for the MLB Draft and you will be glued to your speakers for the inaugeral guest to GRT! BUCKLE UP!

Ep. 14: Paul reveals Leslie’s vicious inner thoughts about Dan Kolko

In this episode Leslie discovers Paul has revealed her inner thoughts about Dan Kolko’s ties, the Nats series winning streak continues, Harper and Scherzer are hot, Paul rants about Wilmer Difo and tries to Kill the Save, pitchers hitting 8th is examined, and Leslie talks about Josh Hamilton….again.

Ep. 13: Paul calls a billionaire stupid, hasn’t been heard from since

Ep. 13: Paul calls a billionaire stupid, hasn’t been heard from since…

In this episode Paul bad mouths a billionare owner, makes a provactive statement Matt Williams will ignore, the Nats continued surge is discussed, and Leslie learns what sunscreen does.

Ep. 12: The one where the wheels fall off…

Ep. 12: The one where the wheels fall off…

Just listen, trust me.

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