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Ep. 43: The Hit Emperor, Fights, and Making Headlines

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie has a new surprise headline segment, Ichiro and his place in history are discussed, fights in sports are examined, Leslie goes off on Little League parents, and the duo pen an ode to Father’s Day baseball.

Ep. 42: We Wouldn’t Trea(d) This For Any Amount

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the size and scope of Lucas Giolito, rage against the machine that holds down Trea Turner, try to unlock what’s bothering the Nats closer, discuss the proposed strike zone changes, MLB moves, and figure out how much a team’s soul costs.

Ep. 41: Nationals Trends, NCAA Anger, and the Fat Man who Steals Hearts

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover how the Nats are staying in first place, which players are trending in the right (or wrong) direction, try to figure out what’s going on with Matt Harvey, break down some Bartolo, try to keep Paul from burning the NCAA down, and the return of the quiz–softball style!

Ep. 40: The Nats Own All Your Headlines

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover what happens when Bryce never swings but gets tossed, Scherzer makes amazingly rare history, Strasburg gets locked up for 7 years out of the blue, and Leslie breaks one off in helicopter parents’ asses.

Ep. 39: Paul and Leslie drive out on to a bridge with no end.

In this episode Paul and Leslie cover booing etiquette, Harvey’s various woes, Panda’s paunch, the Nat’s season so far, and then go waaaaaaaaaaaaay off the deep end on a listener question. Way off.

Ep. 38: Gross Overreactions to Opening Week

In this episode we discover what happens when Paul records on Leslie’s schedule, recap the Nats first three games, talk Strasburg, dive deep into Paul’s gross overreactions, and hear Leslie’s first Bitch of the Week.

Ep. 37: The Humanity of Spring Training, or, Leslie channels her inner Dre

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie’s burning rage for female message board stalkers, the Nats Spring Training gets a recap, Adam LaRoche retires, and Bryce Harper tries to remake the rules of baseball.

Ep. 36: Prospectmageddon with Ryan Sullivan

In this episode Paul and Leslie welcome back Ryan Sullivan of to discuss all things relating to Nats prospects and all of the new faces you might see in Spring Training or the season ahead for the Nationals. Latin development, prospect rankings, and sleepers lie within….

Ep. 35: Unlike the Nats’ targets, we won’t leave you standing at the alter…

In this episode, Paul discovers Leslie fancies herself a storyteller, Nats offseason acquisitions are investigated, Nats offseason misses are brought to light, bullpen and bench options discussed, and Leslie’s Quiz returns!

Ep. 34: The Storm After the Storm: Mike Duncan & the Hall of Fame

In this episode, Paul and Leslie have Mike Duncan of The History of Rome and Revolutions podcast fame to discuss something of historical import: The Hall of Fame. Mike brings a lot of great knowledge and insight and memories into our HOF discussion. Then we transition into a discussion of his shows and what he has lined up for the future. This is a can’t miss episode. Also, Paul reveals how Mike is stealing his own titles for his upcoming book.

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