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Ep. 32: The Off Season kicks off and Paul crushes on Bryce Harper…hard.

in this episode Paul and Leslie delve into the off season, discuss the curious trades of Simmons and Kimbrel, look at the top available free agents, explore the Nats coaching staff, and inaugurate the first annual Bryce Harper LoveFest.

Special stats (and show music) provided by @theaceofspaeder.

Ep. 31: Royal’s Devil Magic, and a National Dinosaur Gets Dusted Off

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the season is over, try to figure out exactly how the hell the Royals did it, and then roll around on the floor crying and throwing a fit over the Nationals managerial choice. Oh, and they talk about A-rod, because, well, he’s freaking A-rod.

Ep. 30: In between really sad music we give a World Series preview

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover their child hates your listening experience, discuss the conclusion of the Championship Series, preview the World Series (more predictions!), and play some seriously depressing music.

Ep. 29: One magical bat flip, one unbelievable inning, one vulture eye

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover what it takes to make the most bizarre and amazing inning of their baseball lives, Paul wins the Brackets of No Return, and the duo discuss how Maximilian Scherzer’s eyes see straight through their trembling souls.

Ep. 28: We usher in the playoffs, and usher out Matt Williams

In this episode we discover Paul and Leslie’s playoff breakdowns and predictions (as well as the Brackets of No Return!), review Scherzer’s amazing final outing of the year, and discuss what happens to the Nats after the firing of Matt Williams.

Ep. 27: We run over Jonathan Papelbon with a bus, and then back up…

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover how many ways they can say Jonathan Papelbon is a disgusting and abhorrent human being, and then spend the rest of the show figuring out how to fire him and Matt Williams into the sun. Or they talk about baseball…

Ep. 26: It’s Over When It’s Over…

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover just how bad the Nats season can get, look at which teams might actually make the playoffs, hear Paul go on an epic NL MVP rant, and then hear him bask in all his quiz glory.

Ep. 25: Mick Reinhard sends us to the Minors, but brings a big league show…

In this episode Mick Reinhard–the beat writer for the Nats AA club– joins us to discuss the Harrisburg Senators, Giolito, Turner, Difo, life in the minors, being a beat writer, sleeper prospects, surviving insect plagues, and, most importantly, he brings his own quiz and a battle for bragging rights ensues!

Ep. 24: Leslie bathes the Nats in a wave of sadness

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie did not take her baseball anti-depressants. It’s all about the Nats! Season review, dwindling playoff hopes, and injuries. Also the Trea Turner call up is reviewed and the duo discussed (or drooled) over their trip to see Lucas Giolito pitch live and in person! Come for the baseball, stay for the tears.

Ep. 23: The Pitching Episode w/ Doug Thorburn

In this episode Paul and Leslie interview Doug Thorburn from Baseball Prospectus, Baseballaholics Anonymous, and Rotowire about all things pitching. Topics covered include a ton of Nats pitcher breakdowns, who are Doug’s most liked and most hated pitchers by mechanics, a look at various pitch types, youth pitching workloads, and finding out what the hell spine tilt is…

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