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Ep. 50: Our Sideline Reporter Gives You the Big Scoop

In this episode Paul and Leslie reveal their long awaited sideline reporter secret weapon, talk about Strasburg’s injury and what it means for the starting staff, discuss Papelbon’s exit and where the bullpen stands, review the comeback trails of Harper and Zimmerman, look into a clubhouse dispute in Oakland, and try to figure out what the hell in going on in Ryan Locate’s head. They fail.

Ep. 49: Career Sunsets and Regrets

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie’s rant hand is still strong, talks A-Rod’s exit, Prince’s not so good night, Ichiro’s 3000th, Nats roster troubles, Puig, Tebow, and even the Olympics. This is a big one kids.

Ep. 48: Mike Rizzo Gets His Man

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the methods of a Trade Assassin, delve into Mark Melancon, talk Chapman, Harper’s disaster, Trea’s blooming, and a baseball movie.

Ep. 47: Raise a Glass with Eno Sarris

In this episode Paul has on guest Eno Sarris of Fangraphs/Beergraphs to discuss their new book “A Baseball Lover’s Guide to Craft Beer” as well as the state of beer in baseball, the Future’s Game, pitch grips and types, and various other beer, pitching, or baseball things.

Ep. 46: Looking Forward at the Season’s Backside

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover they don’t know how to prepare for vacation, preview the second half of the season for each division, pick MVP and Cy Young winners, and Paul learns of a surprise future guest.

Ep. 45: Mike Duncan gets our All-Star Vote

In this episode Mike Duncan returns to the show to talk everything All-Star Game! We also discuss some Revolutions and get updates on his forthcoming projects like The Storm Before the Storm. Another can’t miss episode with Mike!

Ep. 44: The New Kid on the Block

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover that Lucas Giolito is about to make his somewhat surprising debut, Trea Turner has found a new position, Strasburg is on the DL, the Mets staff is ailing, ask how you decide when your season is done, and appreciate a brand new ballpark.

Ep. 43: The Hit Emperor, Fights, and Making Headlines

In this episode Paul discovers Leslie has a new surprise headline segment, Ichiro and his place in history are discussed, fights in sports are examined, Leslie goes off on Little League parents, and the duo pen an ode to Father’s Day baseball.

Ep. 42: We Wouldn’t Trea(d) This For Any Amount

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover the size and scope of Lucas Giolito, rage against the machine that holds down Trea Turner, try to unlock what’s bothering the Nats closer, discuss the proposed strike zone changes, MLB moves, and figure out how much a team’s soul costs.

Ep. 41: Nationals Trends, NCAA Anger, and the Fat Man who Steals Hearts

In this episode Paul and Leslie discover how the Nats are staying in first place, which players are trending in the right (or wrong) direction, try to figure out what’s going on with Matt Harvey, break down some Bartolo, try to keep Paul from burning the NCAA down, and the return of the quiz–softball style!

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